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  • Live Concert Open Air Live-Milonga auf der Seebühne

    Time: 11:00
    Address: Uferpromenade , 59846 Sundern-Langscheid

    Live-Milonga bei trockenem Wetter !

    Open Air auf der Seebühne an der Uferpromenade

    mit dem TRIO MALDONADO aus Argentinien

    Sundern-Langscheid am Sorpesee

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  • Festival: MILONGUERO MILONGUERO, 4th International Milonguero's Meeting

    Date: 26.10.2017 - 29.10.2017
    City: Calpe (Spain)
    Address: Avenida Juan Carlos I 48, 03710, Calp
    Telefon: 00 34 616163344

    On the 26th, 27th, 28th and 29th of October 2017, you have an appointment at the 4th International Milonguero’s Meeting taking place in one of the most beautiful and special villages on the “Costa Blanca”, Calpe (Spain).

    Four days full of tango in one of the most beautiful and special villages on the “Costa Blanca”, Calpe (Spain). During this time you will be able to enjoy not only its gorgeous beaches, natural parks and yummy food but also the best hotel in Spain which has a spectacular dancing room with wooden floor for the milongas, the best milonguer@s from all around the world, and an organisation team that will not let you down...that’s the way you deserve it.

    The concept of this meeting is fairly simple, to create a friendly atmosphere between people from different places but who have the same philosophy: enjoy the best traditional music, respect of “mirada and cabeceo”, wait for visual contact before entering the dance floor when the music has started, dance in close embrace and following the line of dance, keep a dynamic and respectful dance with the rets of milongueros. These are suggestions from milongueros so we all can enjoy and share a few lovely days of tango, this dance that we all feel with passion. 

    The Diamante Beach Hotel was awarded as the Best Holiday Hotel in Spain in 2013 and 2014. It has an 800 sq meter, wooden floor saloon without columns and an excellent sound system. We will make some packages available to you which will include accommodation in this hotel.

    Calp (Calpe) is small village located in Alicante’s shore where the magnificent “Peñon de Ifach” raises next to the sea, one of the main sites in the mediterranean coast due to its singularity and beauty. There are only 63 Km from Alicante to Calpe, and there is a door to door shuttle bus service with regular journeys from Alicante airport to the Hotel of the event. This shuttle service can be booked at

    For everybody’s enjoyment, we recommend registrations in couples since this is a role balanced event. Alternatively, you can try to register alone and we will try to match you up with other single registrations.

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  • Festival: 5º YO AMO TANGO

    Date: 08.02.2018 - 11.02.2018
    City: Madrid (Spain)
    Address: Ctra. Puente de Arganda a Chinchón, Km 2,5 , 28500, Arganda del Rey
    Telefon: 00 34 616163344

    YO AMO TANGO, for all the lovers of the Tango, of his philosophy, way of life, way of feeling things and of loving. This meeting will take place in a beautiful complex placed inside of natural environment, surrounded by a lake and with a wonderful landscape. Enjoy of an unforgettable weekend, with 6 Milongas, 30 hours of dance, Milongas to up the sunset and Milonga up to the Dawn, Gala Dinners, Magnificent Djs, Shows, Seminars and Workshops.


    The meeting takes place in The Complex of “La Cigüeña” is a magnificent natural enclave composed by Gardens, Luxury Cabins and Restaurants, surrounded by his great Lake. It is located in the Nature Reserve of the South-east of Madrid, to only 24 kilometres from the center of Madrid, in the road M-832, which goes from Arganda's Bridge to Chinchón. Concretely, in the kilometre 2,5, near the Village of Arganda del Rey. The Metro Station of Arganda del Rey is only 5 Kms away from the Complex, the Train Station Atocha only 19 kms away, and the Airport only 20 kms away. Has easy access and free parking. 

    We will make some packages available to you which will include accommodation in this Complex.

    Our web site is

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